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We provide insurance and reinsurance management services, including strategic advice, whilst at the same time guaranteeing a totally independent service.

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Make your risk management successful

There is a more effective way to manage your risks successfully

Entrepreneurship is about trust and principles. Mastering risk management is fundamental. A self-insured retention offers the opportunity to improve the efficiency of risk and cost management. Knowing your own risks is a sound basis for controlling and protecting them better.

With our experience, you will be able to find the right risk diversification and limit losses.

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Thanks to our expertise, our clients appreciate a model that :
  • 01.

    Seeks operational efficiency and cost reduction

  • 02.

    Increases the robustness of the model against market volatility

  • 03.

    Promotes good governance by protecting lives and property

  • 04.

    Engages corporate social responsibility and duty of care

What is a captive?

A captive is a (re)insurance company established and wholly-owned by a non-insurance company, acting as a direct insurance company or reinsurance company for the parent company and its subsidiaries. The main purpose of self-insurance is to reduce the company's total risk cost.  Captives are often used as a component of a company's international insurance plan, but they can also cover local risks or be used in purely national structures. 

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  • Improve group risk profile through long-term risk management strategies 
  • Provides direct access to reinsurance markets and offer broader coverages to the group
  • Build up reserves to increase risk-bearing capacity over time,
  • reduce price volatility
  • reduce costs,
  • improves cash flow

A simple and effective approach in a complex world

For over twenty years, thanks to our highly qualified team and award-winning CEO, we have an extensive experience in captives and a long track record as a leader in the Luxembourg reinsurance market.

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Strategic Services

Strategic Services

IRiS is dedicated to putting its extensive experience to work with its clients. Our teams cover all strategic needs, be it for training, initial study, captive creation or insurance programs reviews.

  • Training on the captive business
  • Feasibility Study
  • Authorisation (Business Plan, License, Introduction to CAA…)
  • Captive creation (Statutes, formalities)
  • Strategic program review and retention analysis
  • Strategic protection program
  • Proposal for the development of the captive

Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Capitalising on its extensive experience, IRiS offers corporate secretarial services, including office space, governance and key function needs, as well as underwriting expertise.

Accounting and finance Services 

Accounting and finance Services 

Thanks to a skilled teams, IRiS covers technical accounting, general accounting, and treasury needs.

Regulatory services

Regulatory services

Because IRiS capitalises on its wide-ranging experience in reinsurance, our teams provide support for all regulatory reporting as well as facilitating contacts with national regulatory authorities.

A deep commitment leads to solid partnership

We strongly believe that trust in the cornerstone of any relationship. We strive to form and nurture meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients and business partners based on openness, honesty and integrity.

  • A trustworthy company

    The idea is simple, we are reinsurers ourselves and we believe so strongly in the captive model that has worked well for us, that we want to share our knowledge with people who feel the same way about risk management. Therefore, our team has a customer-centric approach and aims to build more than just services, we want to build partnerships.

  • Top on-shore captive domicile

    Luxembourg is Europe's leading captive domicile and is a diverse, multilingual and multicultural financial centre at the heart of the EU. It has a proven track record of economic, political and social stability. Luxembourg is a forward-looking country which has created a sound financial environment for reinsurance, including captives, over several decades.

  • Independant structure

    IRiS is independent of any broker, banking or insurance network. We want our clients to feel free to choose their own services, their own scope and their own solutions. We look forward to assisting them throughout those processes.

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With a view to providing a complete solution, IRiS offers an alternative and innovative "one stop shop" approach backed up by Builders Group’s solid financial strength, experience and reputation.

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Nothing is impossible for smart achievers motivated by an entrepreneurial mindset. You may recognize yourself in this statement, and so do we.

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